Project Description

UNESCO has published a paper on the case of Escola Nova 21 Alliance for an advanced education system, in its collection of Education Research and Foresight (ERF) Working Papers, which it commissioned to Unescocat. The objective is to show, as a case study, the formation of a broad alliance between schools, civil society entities and public administrations for educational transformation, as Escola Nova 21 has been in Catalonia, and to be able to extract lessons that will serve to promote other initiatives along these same lines. 

The paper is entitled “Rethinking Education in Catalonia: The Escola Nova 21 Alliance – A case study”, and was written by Eduard Vallory, Director of Escola Nova 21 and Chairman of Unescocat, with the support of the Escola Nova 21 team. It is published in the directory on research and foresight and can be accessed on the UNESCO website.

It is number 23 of the online collection Education Research and Foresight (ERF) Working Papers, a series that proposes critical analyses and reflections on the challenges and opportunities of education in the 21st century and provides information on the concepts and principles that guide global education policy, as well as the key commitments of the Education Agenda 2030. The series is designed for education policy analysts, researchers, activists, and practitioners.