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The Center for UNESCO of Catalonia takes the urgency of transforming education to the Spanish Congress 

Madrid, 28th March 2017

On 28th March, the Chairman of the Center for UNESCO of Catalonia-Unescocat, Eduard Vallory, stood before the Sub-Commission for the Educational Pact of the Spanish Congress in Madrid, expressing the need and urgency for educational change. “We cannot continue to debate education as if we lived in the same world of thirty or fifty years ago,” he stated, «the exponential acceleration of change, unprecedented in history, calls, as the name of the last UNESCO report says, for “rethinking education”».

The Chairman of Unescocat presented the experience initiated by the Escola Nova 21 Alliance for an advanced educational system that brings together schools, civil society and public administration, with the objective of educational transformation marked by Agenda 2030 and the Declaration of Incheon. The commitment to work for an equal educational system based on a common horizon of change, where all educational centers can be equal in terms of quality was articulated. It is an action that responds to the warning made by UNESCO, “it has never been more urgent to rethink the purpose of education and the organization of learning.”

At the request of the Commission, Eduard Vallory presented 10 proposals for action, based on the experiences and practices of the educational centers that promote Escola Nova 21. They already work within the following advanced school framework: To consider education as a common good; To advance towards a generic, non-prescriptive and detailed curriculum; To promote actions to update learning practices; To adopt a competitive and formative evaluation; To train teachers as generators of learning, not as applicators; To reinforce the logic of continuity and orientation of all compulsory education; To deepen the autonomy and flexibility of educational centers; To adopt a model that selects the best professionals and gives them a good teaching career; and To decentralize educational administration, with a shared horizon.

“In many countries, the Millennium Goals, and today the Sustainable Development Goals, are proclaimed but not believed to be possible. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s the same with education,” said the Chairman of the Center for the UNESCO of Catalonia-Unescocat. “Every society that forces its citizens to go through the educational system has a moral obligation to ensure that every day spent in it is worthwhile. If one believes in the proclaimed educational goals, the urgency of updating the system is pressing,” he concluded.

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