Project Description

Barcelona, 4th April 2017

On 4th April the Escola Nova 21 Alliance for an advanced educational system, promoted, among other entities by Unescocat, attended the Education Commission of the Parliament of Catalonia, as a joint proposal of all parliamentary groups. The speakers were Eduard Vallory, Chairman of the Center for UNESCO of Catalonia-Unescocat and Director of Escola Nova 21, and Agnès Barba, Director of Escola dels Encants, one of the schools promoting Escola Nova 21.

At the hearing, where it was explained that Escola Nova 21 is an alliance to promote the achievement in Catalonia of the Agenda 2030 in the field of education, the words of the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, in Rethinking Education, were quoted: “the world is changing – education must also change. Societies everywhere are undergoing deep transformation, and this calls for new forms of education to foster the competencies that societies and economies need, today and tomorrow”.

For this reason, Vallory and Barba said, “we need a disruptive updating of the educational system so that it makes possible the integral formation of people in the context of the 21st century,” they stated, noting that “the inability to make serious decisions about updating the educational system causes the weight to fall on the overwork of many professionals and centers that, with little support, recover or innovate in practices that should be generalized”.

The president of Unescocat shared UNESCO’s approach that education must be understood as a common good, and he assured that, “the fight against inequality is a moral obligation and a social need, even more so with the child poverty figures that we have. We cannot tolerate that a child from a disadvantaged environment is five times more likely to repeat a grade than other children with the same competences”. Along the same lines, he said that it cannot be tolerated that “boys and girls of six years of age, think in 80% of cases that a bright person is necessarily of masculine gender. Because if education should be empowerment, the collapse of expectations produces the opposite.”

During the hearing, the first year of the Escola Nova 21 Alliance was reviewed, and support was requested for the centers with advanced educational practices and for those that today are being transformed, training the centers for competent learning. In this sense, we have appealed to the unity of the parties to advance in educational change. “The work towards the common horizon of a competent purpose through the agreements of centers and administrations of different political colors makes it possible for educational change to be a real objective,” assured the Chairman of the Center for UNESCO of Catalonia.

All the parliamentary groups showed their recognition for the work done in the context of the Escola Nova 21 Alliance and have asked the Catalan Government to take responsibility for bringing about an educational transformation of the entire educational system.

You can read the initial intervention here (in catalan)