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The symposium on the new UNESCO World Education report brings together 60 experts in Parliament to reflect on the challenges of education for 2050

The Symposium on the new UNESCO World Report on Education “ Reimagining Our Futures Together: A New Social Contract for Education”, an event organized by CATESCO and the Fòrum els Futurs de l’Educació at the Parliament of Catalonia, in collaboration with the Federation of Movements for Pedagogical Renewal of Catalonia, the Bofill Foundation, the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, the School Council of Catalonia and the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia.

The event was attended by 60 experts from the education sector, including academics and representatives of Catalan universities, educational and social organizations, the education administration, school principals and deputies, who welcome to the symposium by the M.H. Mrs. Laura Borràs, President of the Parliament of Catalonia.

The “Reimagining Our Futures Together. A New Social Contract For Education” report, was presented in November 2021, is the most important document on education since the Delors Report of 1996 and has been prepared over two years by the International Commission on the Future of Education, created by UNESCO in 2019 with the ambition to reinvent how knowledge and learning can transform the future of humanity and the planet. “To build a peaceful, just and sustainable future, education itself needs to be transformed,” the report says, calling on governments, civil society, professionals and citizens to work together for a new social contract for education. for the next three decades.

The symposium on June 3rd is, therefore, intended to be a contribution to the global debate promoted by UNESCO to forge this new social contract for education. And for this reason it had the special participation of Prof. António Nóvoa, Chairman of the research and drafting committee of the International Commission of UNESCO’s Futures of Education, who made the presentation of the key principles and the most relevant proposals contained at the report, emphasizing the conception of education “as a public and common good to build our futures together”, giving way to the subsequent debate divided into four blocks following the structure of the report itself:

  • Ist Part: «Equity and inclusion in the face of uncertain futures»: with the presentation of  Prof. Aina Tarabini-Castellani Clemente (UAB) and Maribel Tarrés Fernández, director of the Institut Jaume Cabré, in Terrassa.
  • Part II (1): «Why, what and how to learn in the face of collective challenges»: with the intervention of Prof. Carles Monereo Font (UAB) and Iolanda Arboleas Jara, former Director of Institut de Sils. 
  • Part II (2): «Teachers, schools and environment in a changing context»: with the words of Prof. Jordi Collet i Sabé (UVic-UCC) and Raúl Martínez Robles, Escola La Maquinista director, in Barcelona.
  • Part III: «Research, innovation and global cooperation»: with the presentation of Prof. Davinia Hernández Leo (UPF) and Coral Regí Rodríguez, former director at Escola Virolai, Barcelona.

To conclude, H. Sr. Josep Gonzàlez Cambray, Education Counselor of the Government of Catalonia, closed the symposium with a final speech. 

The report will be available in the coming days
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