Last 21st May 2022, UNESCO and Catesco presented in Barcelona the new UNESCO’s report on education “Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education”, a call towards social and global dialogue about education, with the aim of rethinking and acting together, and reimagining our futures together.

The report  “Reimagining Our Futures Together. A New Social Contract For Education” was launched in November 2021, at UNESCO’s 41st General Conference. It is the most important document related to education since the Délors Report in 1996 and it has been elaborated throughout two years by the International Commission about The Futures of Education that UNESCO created in 2019 with a clear ambition: to reinvent how knowledge and learning can shape the future of the planet and humanity. “To shape peaceful, just and sustainable futures, it is necessary to transform education itself”, claims the report and, therefore, asks governments, civil society, professionals and citizens to collaborate for a new social contract for education for the next three decades.

This event is part of the launch and diffusion of this new report from UNESCO, for the global debate to forge a new social contract for education. At the same time, UNESCO makes an invitation to organise events and forums, to share reactions, ideas and proposals at the official website of the initiative Futures of Education, as it is the case of the event to present the Catalan version of the report.

The presentation of the report was conducted by Dr. Sobhi Tawil, director of Innovation and the Future of Learning of UNESCO and responsible of the Futures of Education initiative. Tawil emphasized que that “In this inflexion vital point of the planet and humanity, the need to rebalance our relationships between one and other, with the planet and technology, it is necessary to renew education in order to create  peaceful, just and sustainable futures”

In the event also took part:

  • Eduard Vallory, president of Catesco, who welcomed the public highlighting that this new social contract “must repair injustice while working for the future and, at the same time, it can help us not to forget the most important thing about education: life with sense and dignity”.
  • Laura Cassany, teacher at Escola Immaculada in Vilassar de Dalt, Laura Sànchez, teacher at Escola Octavio Paz in Barcelona, and Paula Lin and Helena Herranz, students at Escola Virolai, as representants of the Fòrum Els Futurs de l’Educació, with a four voices dialogue based in personal experiences at the school and at the high school about today’s education challenges to construct peaceful, fair and sustainable futures in the educational institutions. 
  • The Minister of Education of the Catalan Government, Mr. Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, made the closing speech of the meeting.

Read the Catalan version of the Executive Summary here. 

Catalan version of the Executive Summary

Catalan version of the Report