Project Description

11 July 2019, Virolai School, Barcelona.

Following the call from UNESCO of promoting big alliances for transforming education in a way that sensibilize and trains people for having decent lives and being capable of answering the local-global challenges, Unescocat works in an initiative for spreading and promoting an advanced education for sustainable development, integrating Project Based Learning (PBL) and the work for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The aim is to prepare our society for being prepared to deal with the main actual and future challenges and contribute to the 2030 Agenda deployment. For this reason, this initiative wants to create a community of teachers, teens and engaged people with the SDG, articulated through a collaborative platform by which PBL Projects linked to SDG are shared.

To start the initiative, offer resources and knowledge and bring together the first people that will form part of the community, Unescocat has initiated a series of activities that link PBL and SDG, in collaboration with teachers, schools and within the framework of Summer School Rosa Sensat.

In this context, Unescocat organized a presentation and training session in PBL for the SDG the 11th of July at Virolai School. The training session was done by Bob Lenz, Chief Administrative Officer of PBLWorks / Buck Institute for Education, one of the most outstanding experts in the international level.

The session brought together more than 120 teachers from childhood to university education.

You can find here the materials used during the training session (in catalan)

You can see here the training session with Bob Lenz

Left channel: Catalan – Right channel: English