Monday, October 5, World Teachers’ Day (UNESCO)

In October 2020, as a consequence of the presentation of the Escola Nova 21 evaluation, Unescocat and the Bofill Foundation proposed to the political formations represented in the Parliament to create a ten-year 2030 Plan for Updating the Education System, designed to eliminate the growth in inequalities generated by the pandemic and to respond to the Education 2030 Agenda.

Transformation of the education system by 2030 will require ambitious and rapid change, and must include concrete goals and measures to guarantee that this change is credible and sustainable. The 2030 Plan for Updating the Education System seeks to drive long-term education policy, and so must be based on the broad, existing political and social consensus for educational transformation, the collaboration and commitment of the Catalan Government, municipalities, civil society, and the educational community, and the support of the Catalan Parliament. Drawing on the experience of education reform initiatives, on expert research, and the UN Education 2030 Agenda itself, the Plan proposes five commitments responding to each of the three key factors evidenced by the Escola Nova 21 evaluation, fifteen commitments in total, to be made between now and 2030.

In order to guarantee quality education for all, 5 concrete objectives for change (2030) must be established for all schools financed with public funds, a strategy must be put in place to ensure that this change is truly available to all schools and 5 structural reforms of the education system must be directed towards making change possible and

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