Project Description

“Education Post-2015: Equity and quality for all” is a project promoted by UNESCOCAT and the Jaume Bofill Foundation in 2015 which was geared towards contributing to the debate on the global goals for education post 2015, which began in 2015 both in UNESCO and the international community.

15 years after the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals, we are at a turning point. 2015 is the key year for the definition of the world political agenda for the next 15 years. It is important that we also participate of this debate in Catalonia so that we contribute to the definition of the new goals of the international educational agenda. Just as there are many countries and organizations around the world who are involved in this mission, from Catalonia we can also offer proposals to continue working in this topic. That is why UNESCOCAT and Jaume Bofill Foundation promoted this initiative.

“Post-2015 Education” is one step further on the path that began in 1990 in Jomtien, Thailand, with the launch of the “Education for All” campaign under the leadership of UNESCO and that was later embarked on a new push in 2002 with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) campaign promoted by the United Nations.

The “Post-2015 Education” initiative wants to discuss the new educational challenges within the international agenda framework, and at the same time consider how all these questions interpellate the Catalan educational community. The axes for debate are many: The need for improving learning processes, the organization of the educational system and the interaction between the different agents, how to evaluate educational development, and with what indicators, what to do to improve the teachers training, and how to address the essential change for the success of schools in poverty environments. To accomplish this purpose, “Post-2015 Education” held a broad call for all the educational actors in Catalonia to present their reflections and proposals through different means and formats.

View all contributions made on video here (Catalan)