June 20th 2021

Catesco was chosen as Xiquets de Valls ambassador on June event in Plaça del Blat in the capital of Alt Camp, Valls. Each year the city of Valls, through the Xiquets de Valls Commission, in which the two local colles castelleres participate – the Colla Vella and the Colla Joves – chooses the Xiquets de Valls Ambassador: the person, entity, institution or company which has contributed to projecting the bicentenary Xiquets de Valls outside the city where they were born. This year the two colles, made up of around 500 members each, have decided that the recognition should go to our association, CATESCO. Still under the name of Centre UNESCO de Catalunya, the organization was key in promoting the candidacy of the Castells as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a role that the Xiquets de Valls Commission considers has not been sufficiently visible. Since that proclamation in 2010, the Castells have gained greater universal recognition. While it is true that the institutions of the city of Valls played a key role in that appointment, so did civil society, personified in this case in what at that time was the Centre UNESCO.

UNESCO recognized castells as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010, because they “reinforce social cohesion and promote respect for cultural dialogue and human creativity”, values ​​that are fully valid and more relevant than ever in the face of global challenges facing humanity.  In 2020 and this 2021, the colles castelleres have been severely affected by the restrictions of Covid-19. Even so, with the overcoming of the pandemic, the rhythm of practices and performances is recovering. As for the city of Valls, they were able to carry out a pilot test on St. John’s Day, June 24th, 2021, with a pillar of 5 from each local colla, to start a season that will culminate on Santa Úrsula’s in October 2021.

Institutional act

Catesco was invited to the public event of institutional recognition on Sunday, June 20th in Plaça del Blat. The event was attended by the director of the entity, Mrs. Marina Gay and chaired by Mayor of Valls, Ms. Dolors Farré, together with the president and the presidents of Colla Joves and Colla Vella. Likewise, prior to the public event, Catesco’s director signed the book of honor of Valls City Council.

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