To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), two things are needed: one, to align public, private, and civil society policies and actions; and the other, to raise awareness and empower people to contribute to achieving them, through education. The UNESCO document Education for Sustainable Development Goals: Learning Goals, which Unescocat has published in Catalan, makes a very important contribution to visualize the responsibility of education today: we cannot talk about quality education if it does not prepare boys and girls to respond to the individual and collective challenges of the world in which we live.

A quality education that raises awareness and empowers, says the document, “requires a shift from teaching to learning. It asks for an action-oriented, transformative pedagogy, which supports self-directed learning, participation and collaboration, problem-orientation, inter- and transdisciplinarity and the linking of formal and non-formal learning. Only such pedagogical approaches make possible the development of the key competencies needed for promoting sustainable development”.

The document specifies learning objectives for each ODS, suggests topics and educational activities for each, and describes methods of implementation at different levels: from specific course design to country strategies. The document is intended as a tool to assist policy makers, curriculum developers, and educators in designing strategies, curricula, and courses to promote learning for the ODS.

You can access to the original English version HERE.

Download the Catalan version HERE